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Application Specific Systems for Quality Inspections in Manufacturing Processes

Using FSI Machine Vision for quality inspections can dramatically improve quality, reduce down time, cut waste, shorten cycle time, and thus increase ROI. Machine Vision inspects products more closely and at a faster rate than manual methods. Machine Vision can replace manual tasks that are strenuous, monotonous, dangerous, and and/or beyond human capability

FSI Machine Vision systems are used for automated inspection processes such as presence verification, pattern recognition, gauging, bar code identification, character recognition, color processing, surface inspection, packaging, and robotics, in both 2D and 3D applications.

Please contact us for more information on any of these areas. Initial consultations with an FSI Vision engineer are complementary. To help us serve you better, please fill out our Pre-Engineering info sheet.

Listed below are a few of our complete machine vision systems from various industries. Let us work with you to design a system that is right for your specific application.

Wood Product Inspection Systems 
FyrEye 2710 inspects profile and surfaces of boards and complex contoured wood products for an extensive range of defects and attributes.
Wood Product Inspection System     Printing and Finish Inspection Systems 
FyrEye 2800 inspects printed products for a wide range of printing, binding and assembly related defects and attributes.

Printing & Finish Inspection Systems  
Metal Part Inspection Systems 
The FyrEye 3200 inspects cast, forged, stamped, machined and other formed metal parts for dimension, surface analysis, thickness, holes, cracks, etc.
Metal Product Inspection Systems   Thread Analysis & Inspection System 
The FyrEye-3210 thread analysis & inspection systems provide the customer 100% inspection of threaded components.

Thread Analysis and Inspection
Caps & Closures Inspection Systems 
FyrEye 5600 inspects caps and closures for defects prior to their installation on the product.
Caps and Closures Inspection System   Gravity Belt Thickener Controls 
FyrEye 5801 monitors the sludge on Gravity Belt Thickeners and similar types of systems. Reduces polymer and labor costs.
Gravity Belt Thickener Controls
Bearing Race Inspection Systems 
FyrEye 3240 inspects the surfaces and edges of bearing races to ensure they are free from defects.
Bearing Race Inspection Systems   Automotive Control Arm Inspection Systems 
FyrEye 3250 will verify control arm specifications meet the customer’s pass/fail criteria before further processing.
Automotive Control Arm Inspection System
Manifold & Crossover Inspection Systems 
FyrEye 3260 inspects engine manifolds and crossovers to ensure parts are held to quality standards.

Manifold & Crossover Inspection Systems   Assembly Inspection Systems 
The FyrEye 3400 inspects part assemblies for proper and complete assembly and correct use of components, such as automotive components and subassemblies, medical products & kits, etc.
Assembly Inspection Systems
Battery Inspection Systems 
FyrEye 3410 battery inspection systems inspect batteries for manufacturing defects prior to packaging.

Battery Inspection Systems   Tablet, Capsule, and Pill Inspection System 
FyrEye3600 inspects individual tablets, capsules and pills and is configured for both slat conveyor and linear production / inspection machines.
Pill Inspection System
Circuit Board Component Assembly Inspection Systems 
FyrEye 4003 family inspects assembled circuit boards to assure that the components are in the correct locations.

Circuit Board Component Assembly Inspection Systems   Packaged Liquid Product Inspection Systems 
FyrEye 4200 inspects the packaging, closures, caps, container, labeling and contents of packaged liquid products.

Packaged Liquid Product Inspection System
Bearing Assembly Inspection Systems 
FyrEye 3230 inspects completed bearing assemblies to ensure it is free from defects related to the final assembly.

Bearing Assembly Inspection Systems   Ultra-Accurate Automatic Gauging Systems 
The FyrEye–3225 family combines ultra-accurate gauging with full automation of the inspection process. This family includes the full gauging station, with all vision equipment pre-mounted and pre-tested as an integral system.
Ultra-Accurate Automatic Gauging Systems

Automated Inspection for Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Turn your factory into a more productive, cost-efficient manufacturing facility.

Advantages to FSI Machine Vision for Inspection:

  • Reduces costs.
  • Improves Product Quality Control/Quality Assurance
  • Improves productivity.
  • Shorten cycle time
  • Inspects products more closely and at a faster rate.
  • Reduces product handling time.
  • Reduces manual tasks that are strenuous, monotonous, dangerous, and/or beyond human capability (size, weight, speed).