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Machine Vision Components from FSI Technologies, Inc.

FSI Technologies offers selected high quality machine vision components including machine vision lighting, machine vision lenses, machine vision cameras, and smart cameras, available for on-line ordering and quick delivery. For purchases of “parts only” where application engineering assistance is not needed, or when ordering replacement parts.

All shipments are made via UPS from our facility in Lombard IL (near Chicago) to US addresses. (For international shipping, please call Customer Service at 630-932-9380).

Lighting   Lenses   Cameras, Sensors & Software
Backlight   CLHA-0080 (8 mm)   EVT Smart Cameras
Direct Bar Lights CLHA-0120 (12 mm) NeuroCheck Software
Direct Ring Lights   CLHA-0160 (16 mm)   LAB Systems
Low Angle Ring Lights   CLHA-0250 (25 mm)   Universal Trigger Sensor
Square Ring Lights   CLHA-0350 (35 mm)    
Dark Field Lights   CLHA-0500 (50 mm)    
Coaxial Lights        
Controller, Cables & Accessories        
High Frequency Florescent        
CFT Watertight Tubular Florescent        

For complete Machine Vision systems, design and engineering solutions, including NeuroCheck and EVT software and the APS (Assured Path to Success) program for your machine vision application, visit:
FSI Machine Vision.

For optical rotary incremental encoders, solid and hollow shaft encoders, Kwangwoo encoders, a full line of electronic counters and counter-based controllers; and high performance OEM photoelectric sensors, visit FSI Encoders, Counters and Sensors.