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Research, Engineering and Consulting Services
Research, Engineering and Consulting Services

FSI has been a trusted, engineering oriented manufacturer of industrial automation products and military electronics for over 50 years. We are known for bringing extensive engineering and scientific expertise to bear on newer and more complex technologies.

Using Machine Vision for automatic inspection provides substantial benefits and unique challenges. Effective Machine Vision combines an unusually broad range of disciplines. Besides industrial control automation and communications, it has substantial elements of physics, optics, the interaction of light with surfaces, gauging and measurement type mathematics, creative use of digital hardware and software, and expertise with the various types of specialized hardware for acquiring and handling images.

At the project level, FSI Machine Vision has the expertise to design solutions that recognize and navigate these challenges, providing large benefits from a small investment in consulting services.

Research and Consulting
Areas of Expertise

Project Management Specialties Benefits of FSI Machine Vision Consulting Inspection Process Areas of Expertise
Research and Development
Feasibility Studies
Project Management
Technology Base Development
Machine Vision Specification Development

Machine Vision
Robot Guidance
Electronic Design
Lighting Physics
Lighting Hardware

Automatic Inspection
Machine Vision
Robot Guidance
Related Factory Automation

Success of the Application
Maximized Results
Cost Optimization
Viable Long Term Ownership

Assembly Verification
Packaging Verification
High Accuracy Gauging & Measurement
Industrial In-Process Inspection
High Speed Inspection
Surface Analysis
Color Analysis

Many of these services are integral to our APS™ packages. Others are offered though a full range of programs and packages to provide leveraged benefits and cost savings. FSI’s Machine vision and product expertise is second to none and assures the quality and effectiveness of these services.

Please contact us to start a review of your application and goals so we can put these capabilities and services to work for your company. In addition to extensive factory level involvement, our team of solution providers stands ready to help make your application a resounding success in every respect. Our initial consultation is always complementary.

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