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  Machine Vision Applications

Machine Vision Applications FSI Machine Vision has experience in engineering solutions and configuring systems for applications in hundreds of industries and a multitude of application types.

Machine Vision applications are commonly named by a wide range of attributes, including the industry being served, the manufacturing process involved, the type of product being inspected, or the types of tools used for the machine vision inspection type.

What’s most important is the successful accomplishment of your application. The selection, strategies and suitability of particular machine vision for your application is determined more by the details of your particular application than it is by the general type of application or industry. Let’s begin by filling out the application data sheet as an aid to defining your vision requirements.

To see some specific examples of complete FSI vision systems that are in operation, see the Application Specific Systems page. Listed below are some general industries, general applications, and specific applications that FSI has worked with:

General industries served by FSI Machine Vision:

Assembly Contract Manufacturing Household Chemicals Plastic
Ammunition Defense Household Products Printed Circuit Boards
Automotive Electrical Components Machining & Machined Parts Printed Circuit Board Assembly
Auto Components Electronic Component Medical Equipment Printing
Auto Sub Assembly Office Products Motorcycle and RV Rubber
Beverage Engine, & Power Transmission Packaging Steel
Beverage Packaging Food & Food Packaging Paper, Paper Products Textile
Building Products Foundries & Castings Paper Converting Tiles & Floor Coverings
Cable & Wire Furniture & Furnishings Personal Care Products  
Canning & Bottling Glass, Glass Containers Pharmaceutical  

A partial listing of applications using FSI Machine Vision solutions:

Appliance and Appliance component / sub-assembly inspection Fabric Inspection
Assembled Product Inspection Food Product (Packaged) Inspection
Automobile & Truck Assembly Line Inspection Furniture, Furnishing and Appliance Production Inspection
Automobile Component and Subassembly Inspection Gauging / Precision Measurement
Beverage (Packaged) Inspection (Beer, Wine, Juice, Dairy Products Glass Plate & Product Inspection
Bottle Inspection Integrated Circuit Inspection
Cable, Wire & Cord Inspection Machined Part Inspection - Dimensional and Surface Analysis
Can & Container Inspection Medical Equipment inspection
Casting & Forging Inspection Packaging Inspection
Date Code, Bar Code & Data Matrix Code Inspection & Verification Paper Inspection
Electrical Component Inspection Personal & Household Care Product inspection
Electronic Component Inspection Plastic Film Inspection
Plastic Part Inspection Robot Guidance
Print Quality Inspection Steel & Metal Sheet, Rod, Stamping and Roll-Formed Product Inspection
Printed Circuit Board Inspection Surface Quality and surface defect Inspection
Printed Product and Printing Inspection Web Inspection (Paper, Steel, Fabric, Plastic, Film)

Specific applications that are well suited to FSI Machine Vision:

Specific applications that are well suited to FSI Machine VisionAcrylic sheet defect and deformation inspection, Aerosol Can inspection, Aircraft landing gear part inspection, Annunciator inspection, Artillery shell casing inspection, Assembly robot guidance, Automated meter reading from pictures,Automated video./ image monitoring for security purposes, Automatic transmission machined casting inspection, Automobile Assembly Plant - assembly tag verification, Automobile Assembly Plant - dome light type & placement verification, Automobile Assembly Plant - Door assembly type and placement verification, Automobile Assembly Plant - Door handle type and placement verification, Automobile Assembly Plant - Door lock type & placement verification, Automobile Assembly Plant - fuse box type and placement verification, Automobile Assembly Plant - Wheel Rim verification, Automobile VIN plate inspection, Automotive, Automotive - end strut assembly, Automotive assembly - control arm inspection, Automotive Assembly Plant - DR level inspection, Automotive axle assembly - general inspection, Automotive axle assembly - stabilizer tab, spring clip and rod end assembly, Automotive axle assembly - tube extension measurement, Automotive axle crimp inspection, Automotive Brake Drum inspection, Automotive brake hanger casting inspection, Automotive brake master cylinder inspection, Automotive braking circuit board inspection, Automotive bumper weld inspection, Automotive chassis inspection, Automotive control stem inspection, Automotive cooling cab hub gauging & inspection, Automotive cooling fan stamping (plate) inspection, Automotive crimp station inspection, Automotive dashboard and dashboard display inspection, Automotive door & fender - pin hole detection, Automotive Door color inspection, Automotive electrical part number verification, Automotive engine crossover inspection, Automotive fabric quality inspection, Automotive fuel filter inspection, Automotive gear change detent arm inspection, Automotive headrest inspection, Automotive headrest inspection, Automotive Master Cylinder pin, cap and plug inspection, Automotive part Inspection, Automotive part inspection, 3/4", Automotive Pole Piece inspection, Automotive Pressure switch inspection, Automotive radiator type and number verification, Automotive relay contact and gap inspection, Automotive Roadster axle nut retainer crimp inspection, Automotive Roadster Brake assembly inspection, Automotive seat heating cord inspection, Automotive sensor inspection, Automotive sheet metal inspection, Automotive shifter plate inspection, Automotive shock absorber inspection, Automotive Shock absorber valve inspection, Automotive sticker inspection, Automotive tire mark inspection/ classification, Automotive valve assembly verification, Baby Formula Can Cover inspection, Bacon Packaging Inspection, Bal Point Pen Inspection, Band Saw blade inspection for dimensions, flaring, kerf, Bar Code quality measurement and verification, Bar Code reading, verification, print quality ins, Bearing assembly inspection, Bearing Bore, Groove & Tang inspection, Bearing component and assembly inspection, Bearing groove verification & inspection, Bearing Insert Inspection, Bearing inspection- inner and outer race groove, Beer Bottle cap product ID inspection, Beer Can counting (fill conveyor) inspection, Beer Keg nozzle inspection, Bio-Medical reaction tray 96 compartment inspection, Bolt head and thread inspection, Bottle Cap inspection, Bottle Defect Inspection, Bottle inspection for flash on rim, Box flap closure and sealing verification / inspection, Bracket with nut inspection, Brake drum inspection, Brick and Cinder block inspection for shape, size, completeness & cracks, Bulldozer / Ship engine 15" par inspection, Bulldozer / Ship engine head gauging and surface defect inspection, Bulldozer / Ship engine head port inspection, Burn mark inspection, Cake mix and cereal box inspection, Candy appearance inspection, Canned Creamed Corn - final product inspection, Cap Conveyor inspection process, Casino Coin inspection, Casino token automatic recognition, Cast Iron / foundry part concentricity inspection, Ceramic part inspection for chips and discolorations, Ceramic Stove Top dimension, pattern, edge & chip inspection, Circular Weld inspection, Clear Plastic reactant tray inspection, Clip inspection, Coil inspection, 2" dia. by 1.5" long, Color Analysis, Color Verification, Conditional Image storage systems, Connector component inspection, Continuous metal tub inspection for roundness, scratches, seams and defects, Cookie ship, sized and roundness measurement / verification, Crusher and bulk solid process monitoring, Date Code reading, verification and print quality, Date Code Verification & OCR, Denim finished product inspection, Denim start mark / seam location detection, Deodorant product assembly verification, Deodorant product assembly verification via. gauging, Diaphragm inspection, Die Case lever bracket inspection, Die Casting - shift column rotator inspection, Door and window production inspection, Dosage indicator wheel inspection, Drain Cleaner final product inspection, Drain Unclogger package inspection, Drill bit inspection and dimensional verification, Drill chuck inspection, Egg Carton Inspection, Electric motor brush & brush spring inspection, Electric solenoid inspection, Electrical and Electronic Connector inspection, Electrical coil inspection in electrical part, Electrical component connection/termination inspection, Electrical connector pin inspection, Electrical Switch Inspection, Electrical switch rotor in, Electrode disk inspection, Engine Filter Inspection, Envelope Inspection, exhaust pipe & muffler dimension inspection, Expiration Date inspection/ verification / print quality inspection, Fabric Inspection, Fabric Web inspection, felt washer bulk counting, Feminine hygiene product inspection, Fiber Optic cable inspection, Fiber Optic Cable Inspection, Fiber Optic Component Inspection, Fill tube inspection, Film Web Inspection, Filter screen inspection, Filter type inspection, Fish Can Inspection, Fitting Inspection, Fluorescent Light contact assembly inspection, Food box assembly and printing inspection, Foundry cope & drag inspection, Foundry core box inspection, Foundry Core identification, French Fry inspection, Frozen "TV" dinner content inspection, Fuse Block Inspection, Garbage disposal bar code & flange inspection, Garbage Disposal Carton inspection, Garbage disposal data matrix code and assembly verification, Garbage Disposal inspection, Garbage disposal label verification, Gasket inspection and type verification, Gauge Body Valve inspection, Gear tooth, quality and gauging inspection, Glass part inspection 33cm x 49 cm, Glove Inspection, Glue and adhesive presence and application verification, Golf Ball print type and quality inspection, Graphic overlay inspection, Hamburger Inspection. Overlap, size, Head Gasket Rivet Eyelet inspection, Highly Stable Plastic Composite Part Inspection, Hole inspection (for flash), Hole threading verification, Hunting seal / tag inspection, Hypodermic needle adhesive and tip inspection, Hypodermic needle time inspection - for geometry & burrs, Hypodermic needle tip gauging, Hypodermic needle UV adhesive verification, Hypodermic syringe verification, Ignition key style identification, Ignition key type verification & inspection, Inhaler Inspection, Inhaler inspection, Injection molded part inspection, Inspect Bronze/Brass meter housings for voids, pinholes, Inspect conduits for splits, Inspect for loose fibers on metallic screen filters, Inspect hypodermic needles for barbs, debris and geometry, Inspect large plastic parts during robot manipulation, Inspect pills & capsules in blister packs, Inspect pistons for proper ring orientation, Inspect product positioning and orientation on remotely piloted vehicles, Inspect rings on metal seals, Inspect stamped sheet metal for tears an pinholes, Inspection for proper stacking of packaged food, Inspection of glass bottles for cracks., Inspector mark verification, Insulin product and instruction inspection / verification, Juice Cap print quality inspection, Juice Cup inspection, Label presence, position and straightness verification on beverage bottles, Lawn Tractor Assembly inspection, Lawn Tractor seat inspissations, Leather surface inspection, Light beam pattern inspection, Liquid fill level measurement / verification, Lock dial print inspection, Manufacturing process stack alignment verification, Mascara Case inspection, Medical Product Print inspection / verification, Medical product specialized bar code and printing verification, Medical reservoir plug inspection, Medical tubing inspection, medicine bottle label verification / inspection, Medicine bottle verification in cartons, Metal Can Inspection - General, Metallic cylinder inspection, Metallic screen filter inspection, Military projectile inspection, Molten glass bulb/blank inspection / verification, Multi-conductor cable inspection, Multi-Pin Connection pin count verification, Mylar . Tyvek sheet inspection, Nail and fastener inspection, Nail Polis product inspe3tion, OCR (optical character recognition), OCV (optical character verification), O-Ring presence verification, Package liquid drug verification / inspection, Packaged meal food inspection verification, Packaged toast product inspection, Packaging film presence and completeness verification, Paint Line pre-masking inspection, Painting robot guidance, Paper / Packaging transparent coating inspection, Paper adhesives & coating inspection, Paper tissue inspection, PCB board part polarity inspection, PCB mount transformer inspection, Personal Care Product instruction sheet verification, Pick and place robot guidance, Pickup truck pan color inspection / confirmation, Pill / tablet inspection, Pin stamped metal serial number inspection, pipe weld inspection, Piston dimension verification, Piston ring orientation confirmation / inspection, Piston ring orientation inspection, Piston ring orientation verification / inspection, Piston Ring Surface inspection, Pizza inspection for size, shape and roundness, Plant Seed Size and shape inspection, Plastic 12 oz. Bottle Inspection (neck, form, milkiness), Plastic 2 Liter window cleaner bottle inspection (Neck, foam, milkiness), Plastic Bottle dimensional inspection, Plastic Bottle neck orientation inspection, Plastic bottle profile inspection, Plastic bottle rim flaw detections, Plastic Bottle thread inspection, Plastic bottle transparence inspection, Plastic cap inspection for roundness and dimensions, Plastic cover inspection, Plastic extrusion inspection, Plastic Extrusion inspection, Plastic web inspection, Plate, cup and saucer inspection and gauging, Pop / soda bottle inspection, Power Steering assist pump cover inspection, Presence Verification, Print Quality Inspection, Printed circuit boar component orientation inspection, Printed Circuit Board Assembly verification, Printed circuit board assembly verification/inspection, Printed circuit board component placement & polarity inspection, Printed Circuit Board lead inspection, Printed circuit board solder bridge inspection, Printed circuit board solder joint inspection, Printed Circuit Foil Inspection, Printed Label Inspection, Printed web inspection, Printing web inspection, Projectile trajectory, angle, position and velocity measurement, Proportional Solenoid inspection, Punch Line Metal Product inspection, Railroad Car detection and inspection, Read Bar Code on 3" x 4" Blister Pack, Read Bar code on cans for recycling, Reagent Matrix inspection, Reducer / gear box gear/drive component dimension/gauging verification, Refrigerator rack inspection, Roadster Brake Caliper type verification, Roadster center console inspection, Roadster Dashboard inspection, Roadster Door Panel Inspection, Roil-formed metal product inspection, Rolled sheet metal quality inspection, Rotary Encoder shaft inspection, Rubber washer inspection, Sawmill log measurement & classification, Screw Blank Inspection, Seam Location / Inspection on absorbent paper products, Security Dome inspection, Semiconductor die inspection, Semiconductor lead inspection, Semiconductor mask inspection, Semiconductor package inspection, semiconductor wafer (300 mm) gauging and inspection, Shampoo Bottle Inspection, Shampoo Product inspection, Shear Cut Line Inspection, Sheet goods cutting control, Sheet Steel Inspection. Holes Surface Blemishes, Silicon / Semiconductor wafer inspection, Sink Garbage Disposal Flange Inspection, Slat Conveyor Pill inspection, Slurry inspection, Solder joint presence, geometry and surface inspection, Solenoid (3-way) inspection, Solenoid Air Gap Verification, Spark Plug Boot Inspection, Spark Plug shell inspection, Spark Plug Shell inspection, Spray can nozzle inspection, Spray nozzle pattern inspection, Spray nozzle spray pattern inspection, Spring retainer inspection, Steel Web inspection for pinholes, Still mill rolling process - product thickness verification, Surface analysis, Surface quality inspection on machined parts, Tagged fluid flow analysis, Tap & Die Blank Inspection, Tap & Die guidance of robot loading for heat treating, Tea Bag inspection, Thread Pitch inspection / measurement, Thread quality and pitch inspection, Threaded fastener inspection, Thrust bearing race quality inspection, toilet seat surface inspection, Transdermal patch inspection, Transmission Filter assembly verification, Truck Engine Core Classification, Tubing and pipe inspection, Tubing, wire & cable coil diameter and geometry inspection, TV Dinner composition inspection, Valve arm inspection, Valve Housing inspection, valve key identification / sorting, Valve Key Inspection, Valve train part inspection, Verification of bottles in carton compartments, Verify clear film on consumer product packaging, Vitamin Bottle label type, position and angle verification, Wafer Inspection, Wax bottle inspection, Weatherstripping inspection, Web inspection, Weld inspection, Windshield wiper motor housing inspection, Wine bottle label inspection, Winery cardboard box divider inspection, Winery cardboard Box orientation determination, Wood chip conveyor flow rate measurement based on loading, Yogurt Cup Inspection.