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  Machine Vision Lighting, Lenses and Cameras

Lighting and optics are crucial components of any successful machine vision solution. While lighting usually represents a smaller financial portion of the project, selection of lighting strategies and equipment is a major determinant of the success or failure of the project.

Imaging is one of the core building blocks of a successful machine vision solution. At FSI Machine Vision, we accomplish this using a range of camera and non-camera imaging technologies.

FSI’s scientific and engineering expertise combined with the versatility of our software engines enables a nearly unlimited offering of lighting, imaging and cameras. If application engineering assistance is not required, or you are ordering replacement components, many of these items can be ordered directly as a “parts only” purchase.

Lighting on FSI Components Lenses on FSI Components

Lighting Options:

In FSI’s approach of true manufacturer-level involvement in engineering machine vision applications, we offer several families of machine vision lighting covering nearly every type of application. We are also well known for our strong offering of lighting for wash down and other tough environments.

FSI Machine Vision Lighting- Direct Ring Lights Fluorescent Backlights: Planar light sources for profile view, backlit and other applications which require planar sources.

LED - Based Light Sources: LED based sources include spot, ring light, on-axis, backlight, darkfield, and dome type extremely diffuse type configurations.

Fiber Optic Coupled Separate-Emitter Light Sources: Offers lighting power and flexibility by separating the light source from the emitter, and transmitting the light from the source to the emitter using a high power fiber optic cable. Available emitters include ring lights, darkfield, and planar/ backlight.

Halogen Light Sources: Industrial duty spot / flood type light sources.

High Frequency Fluorescent Light Sources: An economical method to provide a substantial amount of light in a distributed-source manner. Enclosures are available for standard, wet and explosive areas.

Ultra-Watertight Tubular Style Fluorescent Light Sources: High frequency fluorescent light sources are rated NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X for hose-down and corrosive applications. Extremely tough, polycarbonate, waterproof tubular style enclosure.

Strobe Style Machine Vision Lighting: High intensity triggerrable strobe light sources with controllable duration.

Laser Line - Structured Light Sources: Most commonly used for 3D inspection / analysis

E-Line Light Sources: Non-industrial economical light sources for lab and temporary testing use.

Lens Options:

FSI machine vision lenses provide high accuracy and resolution and are suitable for most machine vision applications. FSI standard lenses come in a variety of focal lengths, from 8mm to 50mm, depending on the needs of your vision application. They are designed to work with high shutter speeds and hold up well over an extended period of time. Additional features include a C-mount configuration, dual locking screws and threaded mounts to accommodate filters.

Other lens options include:

Machine Vision Lenses
  • Ultra high accuracy gauging lenses
  • Ultra high accuracy gauging telecentric lenses
  • Telecentric lenses
  • High Accuracy gauging lenses
  • Automated zoom, pan and tilt versions
  • Microscopic lenses and microscopes
  • Boroscopes and endoscopes
  • Pericentric lenses
  • Filters (e.g. bandpass, UV, cut-off, polarizing)
  • Prisms & front-surface mirrors
  • Extension, multipliers and lens accessories

Camera Options:

Smart cameras (one piece machine vision system)
Cameras & imaging systems separated from the main processing


Visible light

Visible light camera range:

Resolution to 5 Megapixels on standard systems, higher on special systems
Area scan and line scan
Color (standard & hyperspectral) & gray-scale
Global and rolling shutter
Free-running and asynchronous reset direct hardware triggering
Frame rates to 250 frames per second on standard systems
8 and 12 bit imaging bit-depth


3-D scanning, stereoscopic, and the new GS non-scanning with depth map and point cloud images.