Automotive Control Arm Inspection Systems

FyrEye-3250 will verify automotive control arm specifications meet the customer’s pass / fail criteria before further value adding processes are completed.

Some examples of the types of parts the FyrEye-3250 family inspection systems is capable of inspecting include:

    Automotive Control Arm Inspection System
  • Stamped control arms
  • Tubular control arms
  • Cast control arms
  • "A" shaped control arms
  • Motorcycle swing arms
  • ATV control arms

Typical issues with automotive control arms the FyrEye-3250 family can detect includes:

  • Locating flash or other excessive material
  • An absence of material
  • Cracks and tears
  • Overall component dimensions
  • Improper dimensioning of critical components that may need to be held to tighter tolerances than the rest of the control arm
  • Lack of component label and / or improper placement of label

This system will be used to:

  • Collect/store/provide data
  • Provide a signal to the operator such as on-screen information or an alarm
  • Initiate an automatic rejection process

The FyrEye-3250 is a family of systems, customized to your application and requirements. Your particular model will be from the same family, but will have different variations in equipment and capabilities. The FyrEye-3250-02 is an example; it includes:

  • Inspection of 2 surfaces for chips, gouges, cuts, holes and other geometric defects and deformities.
  • Colorspace translation for inspection of reflective parts.
  • Fulfills application and performance specification # VAS-3250-02 (copy available). Each application will have its own VAS (Vision Application Spec Sheet).
  • Solution-engineered lighting specialized for solution performance.
  • Spreadsheet storage of numerical results.
  • Neural Net surface inspection and defect classification.
  • High resolution imaging, plus sub-pixeling and model geometry tools reduce error contributions induced by even high resolution imaging.
  • 16 discrete inputs
  • 16 discrete outputs

Please contact FSI for a system and solution that is confirmed for your application.

FSI has been a trusted factory automation manufacturer for over 50 years. Our Assured Path to Success ™ methods and program have a 100% success rate in the field of machine vision. Because our engineers are deeply involved in understanding the application, recommending the products and supporting the software, these systems are uniquely suited for long term supportability and standardization.

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