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Encoders and Sensors

FSI Technologies Inc. manufactures a full line of high performance rotary encoders and custom photo-electric sensors for use in industrial and commercial applications. We were founded in 1959 as FSI / Fork Standards and are committed to innovation, quality and performance.


FSI “Fork Standards” shaft encoders: ESE, RSE, HDE, MBR

FSI Encoder
FSI Encoder Brochure (500K)

FSI has been designing and manufacturing high quality optical incremental rotary shaft encoders for industrial, commercial and medical applications for over 40 years. Encoders convert motion into digital information for display or control based on motion variables such as position, speed, length, RPM, etc.

FSI encoders are widely recognized for their legendary quality and durability. We manufacture and brand label encoders for many familiar encoder suppliers. We can custom design an encoder for your OEM application.

Kwangwoo Encoders: RIB, RIA, RAA, RIM

Kwangwoo Encoder
Kwangwoo Encoder Brochure (500K)

FSI has partnered with Kwangwoo to provide a complete line of competitively-priced, high-quality, industrial-grade optical encoders, both solid and hollow shaft, absolute, and manual. Kwangwoo encoders are used on many CNC machines, elevator doors, embroidery machines and other industrial uses. FSI is the North American partner for Kwangwoo encoders.


Sensors FSI has pioneered many types of photoelectric sensor designs. As this marketplace has evolved, FSI's photoelectric offerings have resulted in a number of specialized "built to spec" OEM oriented products. Available as diffused photoelectric sensors, retro-reflective photoelectric sensors & modulated high-speed retro-reflective photoelectric sensors.

Encoder Accessories


FSI offers a complete line of encoder accessories including measuring wheels, cables, mounting brackets and couplings. Compatible counters, display and controls are also available.

Distribution & Field Partners

FSI has a network of over 700 distributors, representatives and factory trained service providers.

Encoder Ordering Guide
FSI Encoder Ordering Guide PDF The Ordering Guide includes the complete list of part numbers and descriptions for FSI Encoders, Connectors, Cables, Measuring Wheels, Counters and Sensors.   FSI User's Manual PDF The FSI Encoder “User’s Manual” is the complete guide to Optical Incremental Rotary Shaft Encoders. The guide contains common output options, wiring information, mechanical drawings for the RSE, HDE and ESE series encoders, and common encoder formulas.
Ordering Guide (600K)   User's Manual (15.9M)  

Encoder Testing and Repair Services

FSI can perform testing and repair services on all FSI encoders. Products under warranty will be repaired under the terms of the “Limited Warranty”. For out-of-warranty repairs, please call for a price quote and RMA.

FSI Technologies Inc. manufacturer of industrial automation products since 1959. Rotary shaft encoders, sensors, controls, and machine vision.