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An Assured Path To Success- When Failure is Not an Option

The Assured Path to Success™ is a customer service program unique to FSI, based on a solid partnership approach to a successful machine vision solution. In an industry where success is often elusive, our APS ™program helps clarify communication, dramatically improving the likelihood of success, resulting in a lower cost of ownership.

The Assured Path to Success ™ is:

  • A roadmap for how to achieve the right machine vision solution for your application.

  • An indication that FSI is more than just a manufacturer. In fact, we are proud to offer what we believe is “the best of both worlds”. We provide the “assured success” of a turn-key operation at near “component-only” pricing. FSI can help you create and stay on the path to a successful machine vision solution.

  • An agreement between your company and ours that each side will do its part from inception through long-term ownership.

  • A program, when followed. puts you on an assured path to success: the system will be affordable, supportable, and successful in achieving the mission it is designed to accomplish.

Since its inception over 10 years ago, the APS ™program has a 100% success rate because it is based on a solid, partnership approach. If the APS program sounds right for your organization, contact us to begin your initial consultation at 800-468-6009. To help serve you better, please fill out and send us the Pre-Engineering Form; our engineers will review your application and call you to discuss.

When Failure is Not an Option   The APS™ program stages are:

Machine Vision offers substantial benefits and challenges for automatic inspection applications. The challenges include:
  • Getting over that "where to start?" hurdle to take your idea for automatic inspection / machine vision to the next stage.

  • Defining an application and mission in a way that meets your requirements without accidentally triggering large costs.

  • Selecting the proper lighting, lighting geometry, lenses and other components.

  • High long-term ownership costs and supportability problems.

The APS™ program is a comprehensive mutual roadmap to success on machine vision applications that addresses these challenges. FSI's 50 year tradition of manufacturing and supporting automation products for industrial customers has been incorporated into our Assured Path to Success™ (APS™) program.. The program covers project inception through long-term ownership, and also provides a flexible technical "umbrella" which adapts to the intended roles of all parties involved. The APS program helps guarantee the system you’re purchasing is the right one – dramatically improving the likelihood of success.

The APS program can be included with all FSI Machine Vision solutions.
APS program

APS program

The building blocks of your solution are also important. The selection of a high quality industrial software engine and proper hardware components has immense impact on long term success and the ease and economy of ownership. Also available for separate purchase.
  • Expert assistance to get over that initial hurdle of taking your automatic inspection or machine vision idea to the next stage.

  • Consultation to develop a mission definition which best serves your needs and priorities without accidentally triggering large cost increases. This may include preliminary engineering reviews, lab testing, preliminary proposals, and development of initial and final written application definitions. FSI has the systems and know-how to organize this process and keep it moving forward.

  • Proposal and OK to proceed. The proposal includes an outline for either self-implementation (with training) and/or use of a FSI Certified Solution Provider.

  • Pre-engineering work by FSI Machine Vision in key areas to reduce overall costs and assure a path to success.

  • Shipment of a complete, factory-built, machine vision unit. Successful implementation and startup per the APS™ roadmap.

  • Implement APS™ plan to provide documentation and support of post-manufacture work, and successful long term operation and ownership.

For more information on the APS program, including frequently asked questions, download the complete
APS Brochure
            APS brochure.