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  Machine Vision Systems/Solutions

Consider this: Do you need a product or a solution?

Machine Vision products alone will not do the work of a complete Machine Vision solution. FSI’s engineering expertise, vision lab, and flexible software and hardware options assure solutions for all industrial automatic inspection applications.

FSI Vision Engineers have the expertise to design and build the best system for your vision application, using the latest in software and hardware technologies available. Add-on options include the APS program and training for key operation personnel. Research, feasibility and consultation services are available. Products and services can be purchased separately or as a complete engineered solution.

To see examples of complete FSI Machine Vision systems that are in operation, see the Application Specific Systems page. For a list of general industries served by FSI, general applications using FSI Machine Vision solutions, and specific applications that are well suited to FSI Machine Vision, visit the General Applications page.

Software Options:

Software NeuroCheck Machine Vision Software NeuroCheck incorporates all of the most powerful available machine vision tools and capabilities in to a fully integrated and user friendly package. NeuroCheck is icon-based which makes it simple to use while still offering comprehensive functionality. As a standard PC based windows application for machine vision, it offers rapid deployment on manufacturing lines through its unique manual and automatic operating modes. The NeuroCheck Concept enables plant-wide standardization, reduces ownership costs, and provides long-term protection of your investment.

EVT Machine Vision Software EyeVision is known for staying on the leading edge of machine vision software, featuring the latest machine vision tools, capabilities, architectures, interfaces with a variety of different application level platforms that can function on many different systems. An example of this is support of the broadest range of 3D imaging technologies.

Hardware Options:

CVS 700 CVS 700/800 The CVS-700/800 is a family of machine vision systems that can be designed to meet the needs of almost any inspection or robot guidance application. Choices and variables include:: NeuroCheck or EVT software, operating system, processor speed, camera resolution, gray scale / color, interlaced/non-interlaced, area scan / line scan, camera enclosure type, image capturing and processing options, physical configuration enclosure type of CVP (central vision processor), discrete input type and quantity, discrete output type and quantity, data interface types, optional built-in displays, quantity of cameras, Ethernet port, oversized enclosure/slots/power supply for additional expandability, Profibus port, zip drive, up to 32 cameras and other options. All built, tested and supported by FSI.

Fire Cube/Fire Cube Jr FireCube Jr. combines the power and performance of modern camera and computer technology with the advantages of high speed FireWire connectivity. Direct hardware trigger input for each camera.

Smart Camera Smart Cameras EyeSpector Smart Cameras are a powerful all-in-one inspection system featuring EyeVision machine vision software. This may be a logical choice in applications that only require one camera, or where space is limited. An EyeSpector Smart Camera may also be a cost-effective part of the machine vision solution if budget constraints are an issue.
All EyeSpector cameras are powered by EyeVision Technology (EVT) in either a Basic or Full version of the software.

3D Sensor. FSI Technologies adds a new 3D imaging sensor into its machine vision product line. The GS Family of 3D imaging sensors provides support to a whole new range of robot control and inspection applications, as well as spacial positions and measurements.

Lighting, Lenses, Cameras Lighting, optics, and imaging are crucial building blocks of every successful machine vision solution. FSI’s engineers have the expertise and knowledge to select the best possible combination of components to make your machine vision application a success.
Lighting options include fluorescent, LED, fiber optic and halogen, back lights, bar lights, ring lights, spot lights, x-beam lights. Stainless steel, dust tight, water tight, hose down and explosion proof rated versions are available.
FSI lenses provide high accuracy and resolution, in a variety of focal lengths, to suit the needs of your vision application. Features include high shutter speeds, C-mount configuration, dual locking screws and threaded mounts to accommodate filters. Other options include telecentric lenses, high accuracy gauging lenses, automated zoom, pan and tilt, microscopic lenses, prisms, mirrors, and accessories.
Camera options include high resolution, gray scale, color, infrared, X-Ray, area & line scan with frame rates up to 250 FPS; Ethernet, RS232 or PLC I/O interface connectors; processors through 2 GHz. Waterproof, dustproof and explosion proof versions are available.

Assured Path to Success (APS) Option:

Upgrade to an APS solution, which leverages extensive additional benefits from a low additional cost. The APS is a solid partnership approach to a successful machine vision solution, which follows your application from inception, through long term ownership. Get it right the first time!

Research, Engineering, Feasibility and Consultation Services:

FSI can provide extensive expertise in a wide range of machine vision and project management areas such as specification development, fundamental Research & Development, and rescue of non-FSI projects. Expert specification development pays for itself many times over; it often speeds a project up by a full year, or reduces machine vision costs by tens of thousands of dollars.

Training Services:

Learn from the experts in Machine Vision. Having a well-trained team will reduce operating costs and provide long term benefits. We offer a wide range of training courses in machine vision and vision software. We also offer application-specific consultations either in the Chicago area, or at your facility.