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Automation Technology


CX Applications

Application examples for highspeed 3D Measurement with AT's CX camera family.


C-CheckIR - Non-Destructive Testing of Composite Materials

Inspection of composite materials with the mobile NDT system C-CheckIR. The system detects defects like cavities inside of the inspected component by the principle of active thermography.

Eyevision Technology EVT


3D ProfileScanner


EyeVision 3D Object Trigger


EyeVision 3D ProfileMatch command


EyeScan 3D Pin Inspection


EyeVision 3D - How to count objects


How to view a point cloud with EyeVision 3D


Measuring the Box Volume

With the ToF 3D Sensor and the EyeVision image processing software you can measure the volume of boxes and other containers.



The EyeMIO is a multifunctional-PLC-IO board.


Smart Sensorfunsion



With the Cross Line Generator the software creates an overlay like a cross line, with which the user can align the object.


EyeScan AT 3D M

The EyeScan AT 3D is a line scan 3D sensor and is supported by the EyeVision machine vision software.


EyeScan VR 3D


BrainLight M V001


Circle Counter

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video NeuroCheck 6.0 Unroll Tool Video

In this video narrated by Jasmin, FSI's Machine Vision Application Coordinator, you will learn how to implement the "unroll tool" in NeuroCheck vision software version 6.0.
The "Unroll Tool" is a useful way to take an image of a circular object and turn it into a straight line for easier analysis. One example of an application in which this tool might be useful is reading or inspecting text on a wheel. By "unrolling" the object, the text may be easier for the software to find or identify.


video EyeVision Color Distance   Free Caliper Tools Video

This video demonstrates how to use two tools found in EVT software -- Color Distance and Free Caliper. Narrated by Jasmin, FSI's Machine Vision Applications Coordinator. 'Color Distance' enables users to create a synthetic grayscale image by taking a selected reference color and transforming each pixel to a shade of gray corresponding to the "distance" (in 3D color space) between the reference color and the pixel. This tool can help identify/magnify differentiation between objects in an image. Also demonstrated in this video,the 'Free Caliper' tool is used the same way as a real-life caliper. The jaws of the caliper open and shut and are used to measure a part or product.