Bearing Race Inspection Systems

Automatically inspects the surfaces and edges of bearing races to ensure they are free from defects caused by the manufacturing process.

The FyrEye 3240 systems inspect bearing races prior to the bearings final assembly. Inspections identify, measure and apply the customer's pass / fail criteria to these types of defects:

    Bearing Race Inspection Systems
  • Machined surface flaws (identified via machine surface analysis)
  • Dimensional issues (identified through gauging)
  • Roundness
  • Cracks and tears
  • Voids
  • Chips
  • Edge irregularities

FSI has successfully inspected several styles and parts of bearing races including:

  • Inner and outer bearing races
  • Flat / concave / convex bearing surfaces
  • Tapered bearing surfaces
  • Inside and outside surfaces

The FyrEye-3240 is a family of systems, customized to your application and requirements. Your particular model will be from the same family, but will have different variations in equipment and capabilities. The FyrEye-3240-02 is an example; it includes:

  • Conditional storage of up to 140,000 images of rejected components for traceability, adaptability and QA program requirements.
  • Inspection of 2 surfaces for chips, gouges, cuts, tears and other geometric defects and deformities.
  • Engineered lighting specialized for high accuracy gauging performance.
  • High resolution progressive area scan imaging.
  • FSI encoder for line scan imaging synchronization.
  • Fulfills application and performance specification # VAS-3240-02 (copy available). Each application will have its own VAS (Vision Application Spec Sheet).
  • Comprehensive handling of the relevant engineering and physics topics to ensure high accuracy gauging
  • Direct hardware trigger options

Please contact FSI for a system and solution that is confirmed for your application.

FSI has been a trusted factory automation manufacturer for over 50 years. Our Assured Path to Success™ methods and programs have a 100% success rate in this field of machine vision. Because our engineers are deeply involved in understanding the application, recommending the products, and supporting the software, these systems are uniquely suited for long term supportability and standardization.

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