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RSE Encoder

Rotary Optical Incremental Shaft Encoder RSE series is a rotary optical incremental shaft encoder designed with high precision mechanical components and IRED light sources to provide long life and durability. Comparison of the light signal with a reference signal provides high noise immunity and wide operating temperature range. The output is a series of squarewaves, which correspond to the shaft rotation. Single channel, quadrature, index pulse, differential line driver, anti-jitter and other special outputs are available with standard resolutions up to 2500 PPR. In addition to face flange, foot flange, size 25 flange and 5PY mounts, several bearing and connector options are also available. Over four decades of engineering and manufacturing experience is embodied in every "RSE". FSI is committed to manufacturing quality products and providing complete customer satisfaction!

Brochure Download:

RSE Specification Sheet (2.2M)

RSE Instructions (1M)

RSE Connections for Differential Encoders (47.8K)

RSE Cable Connections for Quadrature with Index Pulse (50K)

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