FSI Encoder Products

FSI has been designing and manufacturing rotary encoders for over 40 years. Our “Fork Standards” cube encoders are widely recognized for their legendary quality and durability. FSI’s product line includes the RSE series, HDE (Heavy Duty) series, ESE series, MBR (low cost) series, Defender and the Tuff-Coder.

FSI encoders are available in single channel or quadrature, line counts up to 2500, a range of mounting options including Series 25, single or double shaft, varying shaft diameters, index pulse & differential, and up to a NEMA 4X enclosures for both industrial and OEM applications. Custom designs and options are available. Please check the Ordering Guide for a complete list of options available. For Encoder connectors, cables, couplings, and measuring wheels, see the Encoder Accessories page.

Solid Shaft Encoder
FSI Optical Incremental Rotary Shaft Encoders
Rotary Optical Incremental Shaft Encoder
  Rotary Optical Incremental Shaft Encoder
  Optical Shaft Encoder
Rotary Shaft Encoder
  Defender Rotary Optical Incremental Shaft Encoder
  Rotary Optical Incremental Shaft Encoder
The “Indicoder” is an exclusive option that is available on all FSI cube type encoders. With this option, LEDs are located directly on the body of the encoder that flash as the shaft is turned to instantly verify correct output operation. This indicator will make set-up quick and easy and would also aid in troubleshooting (if that ever becomes necessary). Just ask for the “Indicoder” option when ordering your FSI cube encoder.
FSI Custom Encoders
In addition to our standard encoders, FSI can design and manufacture custom encoders to your specifications, for both OEM and specialty applications. Typical customizations include: shaft lengths and diameters; special mounting configurations; various enclosure sizes; different connectors; modified electronics for different output types; enhancements to meet environmental requirements. Call FSI to discuss your custom encoder needs with one of our engineers.

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