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Photoelectric Sensors

M Series Photo-electric Sensor FSI Technologies Inc. has been designing and manufacturing custom and OEM sensors and factory automation electronics since 1959.

FSI specializes in high performance, specialized construction and build-to-spec photoelectric sensors for OEM applications.

We also offer a standard product line of retro reflective, diffused and polarized types with solid state and relay outputs.

The M Series sensors are compact, self-contained photoelectric sensors contained in an encapsulated cylindrical 18 mm threaded housing.

M Series Specifications (750K)

M Series Instructions (350K)

The TAC-1000 tachometer probe is a high speed modulated retro-reflective sensor. It features Coaxibeam™ single lens optics which eliminates the need for sensitivity controls. Ultra high speed circuitry allows for speeds of 8000 counts per second. The modulated infrared beam provides high ambient light immunity with improved sensing repeatability. The TAC-1000 with its low power consumption is suitable for battery operation. It directly inputs to counters and programmable controllers.

TAC-1000 Specifications (600K)

MHRS-A Modulated High Speed Retro-reflective Sensor

The MHRS-A will function at up to 30,000 operations per second in the retro-reflective mode at a distance of 6 feet. The "coaxibeam" sensing system does not require a sensitivity control nor does it have blind spots and false triggering experienced with dual beam sensors.

MHRS-A Specifications (350K)

This is the primary catalog for FSI Encoders, Counters and Sensors

It includes the complete list of part numbers and descriptions for FSI Encoders, Counters and Sensors.

ECS Ordering Guide (600K)

FSI Technologies Inc. manufacturer of industrial automation products since 1959. Rotary shaft encoders, sensors, controls, and machine vision.