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RIB-40-12 Solid Shaft Encoder
Kwangwoo RIB-40-12 Solid Shaft Encoder
  • Small Compact Size
  • Wide Ranging Applications
  • High resolution
  • High Frequency Response
  • Low Cost


Here are some of The Encoders that are normally stocked at FSI:


Differentiating Attributes

RIB-40-12-0600-AV Shaft type 600 PPR Single channel
RIB-40-12-2500-AV Shaft type 600 PPR Singal channel
RIB-40-12-0600-BV Shaft type 600 PPR Quad
RIB-40-12-2500-BV Shaft type 2500 PPR Quad
RIB-40-12-0600-ZV Shaft type 600 PPR Quad
RIB-40-12-2500-ZV Shaft type Quad 2500 PPR
RIB-40-12-0600-VL Shaft type 600 PPR Quad Differential
RIB-40-12-2500-VL Shaft type 2500 PPR Quad Differential

Electrical Specifications


50, 100, 120, 160, 200, 250, 256, 300, 360, 500, 600, 1000, 1024, 2000, 2500

Supply Voltage

Line Driver

DC + 5V  ± 5%
DC + 5V ~ 28V

Open Collector
Voltage Output

DC + 5V ~ 28V

Current Consumption

150 mA Max.

Frequency Response

200 kHz Max.

Rise and Falling Time

Line Driver

0.2 µs

Open Collector
Voltage Output

3 µs

Mechanical Specifications

Maximum Rotational Speed

7000 RPM

Starting Torque

100gf. cm Max. at 25°C

Moment of Inertia

10gf.cm² Max.

Maximum Shaft Load


2.2 kg Max.


1.0 kg Max.

Vibration Resistance

10 ~ 55Hz / 1.5mm

Shock Resistance

50G / 11msec

Operating Temperature Range

-10°C ~ +70°C

Storage Temperature Range

-20°C ~ +85°C



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