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Encoder Accessories

FSI offers a complete line of encoder accessories including measuring wheels, mounting brackets, couplings, connectors and cables.

Measuring Wheels

Mount one or two of these measuring wheels onto an FSI Encoder to measure linear motion. They are often used in cut-to-length applications.

  MB-1 Chariot Mounting Bracket

Complete mounting system to be used with an FSI encoder and measuring wheels to measure the motion of web type products such as textiles, paper, steel and sheet goods.
(photo shows mounting bracket with encoder and measuring wheels.)

F Series: Precision Flexible Shaft Coupling

FSI couplings reduce encoder bearing load and maximize bearing life. These couplings allow connection to various size shafts and are designed to have minimal effect on encoder accuracy.

The F-5 and F-6 couplings are utilized to couple an encoder to a large diameter shaft. Both the F-5 and F-6 have inserts to accommodate encoders with shaft diameters of ¼”, 5/16”, or 3/8”.

Precision Flexible Shaft Coupling F Series
F Series Specification Sheet  (202K)

F Series Instructions (203K)

F-5 & F-6 Information & Installation Notes  (360K)

F-5 & F-6 Coupling Sketch  (12K)

Mating Connectors and Cables

FSI carries several types of connectors for rotary encoders. They can be ordered unassembled or completely assembled with a standard or custom length cable attached. Please refer to the Ordering Guide for the complete list of connectors available.

6 pin Military Style (MS) Series connector
(C-1) 6 pin Military Style (MS) Series connector
4 pin connector
(C-2) 4 pin connector
6 pin Military Style (MS) right angle connector
(C-4) 6 pin Military Style (MS) right angle connector
10 pin connector
(C-5) 10 pin connector
DB-9 connector
(D-1) DB-9 connector
C-1 connector,  flexicoupling and cable, assembled
(C1-F4) C-1 connector, flexicoupling and cable, assembled.

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