NeuroCheck Service Packs

Performance second to none.

No software is ever really finished; there are always new ideas, enhancements... To keep you up to date with the development of NeuroCheck, the latest version is available for download..

Please note that this version is not suited as a demo for new customers as it will not install on a system without an existing installation of NeuroCheck. If you are new to NeuroCheck and want to get an impression of the overall system, please order the free NeuroCheck demo CD.

Service Pack 1 for NeuroCheck 6.1

The first service pack for NeuroCheck software version 6.1 is now available. It introduces several new features and improvements making the NeuroCheck software even more powerful, flexible and efficient. The most important features of service pack 1 are:

  • Support for new Microsoft operating system Windows 10

  • New driver for ultra-high resolution GigE cameras of NCLG series featured with 12 MP resp. 20 MP resolution

  • Software module for Modbus-TCP protocol, hence saving the cost for an Industrial Ethernet board

  • Advanced Template Matching algorithm for size-invariant search (scaling)

  • Extended NeuroCheck diagnostics tools providing automatic system check and one-click project snapshot function

  • New check function for even more efficient application of data register

We recommend that all NeuroCheck 6.1 users install Service Pack 1.

Name Type Version Date File size
NeuroCheck 6.1 Service Pack 1 EXE 6.1.8 8-13-2015 33 MB
Release History Notes TXT 6.1.8 8-13-2015 0.1 MB
Drivers for NCG,NCHG, NCF and FWX digital cameras (GAPI 1.7) ZIP 6.1.4 4-21-2015 75 MB
Drivers for NCLG digital cameras (GAPI 2.x) ZIP 6.1.1 8-21-2015 1.1 MB
Drivers for Hilscher CifX field bus ZIP 6.1.4 7-29-2015 31 MB
Drivers for TCP/IP over Ethernet ZIP 6.1.5 7-29-2015 0.7 MB
Drivers for Serial port ZIP 6.1.2 7-29-2015 0.6 MB

Important Notes

The software updates are only updates of an existing installation, they are not a full installation.

Due to compatibility reasons, the new hardware drivers are not included in the service pack, but are available as a separate download on this page. Please analyze with the Technical Support if this could cause compatibility issues with the manufacturer drivers.

Installation of service pack

The service pack is an executable EXE-File.

  • Copy the file into an arbitrary directory on your NeuroCheck system.
  • You need Administrator rights to execute this update package.
  • Double-click the file to start the installation.
  • Please follow the instructions of the setup.

Installation of driver updates

The update files for drivers and data format converters are ZIP files.

  • Copy the file into an arbitrary directory on your NeuroCheck system.
  • You need Administrator rights to execute this update package.
  • Unpack the ZIP file.
  • Please follow the instructions of the Readme file contained.