Service Pack 3 for NeuroCheck 5.1

The third service pack for NeuroCheck 5.1 contains a number of new features, mainly related to hardware support in NeuroCheck. As usual, all enhancements and bug-fixes are listed in detail in file History.txt whereas on this page we only present the major improvements:

Service Pack 3 for NeuroCheck 5.1 NeuroCheck now supports additional IEEE 1394 (FireWire) cameras. Two new standard monochrome cameras with a resolution of 780 x 582 pixels, and a resolution of 1392 x 1040 pixels. The latter will soon also be available as color camera.

In addition to the general advantages of the IEEE 1394 technology, these new cameras support various features like hardware triggering or image acquisition in binning mode.

A preview of the current camera image in the properties dialog facilitates the adjustment of camera parameters. For the color camera, an automatic adjustment of the white balance has been introduced.

If more than one IEEE 1394 (FireWire) camera is used in the Device Manager of NeuroCheck, the ordering of the IEEE 1394 cameras now can be changed easily using the context menu.

One of the long existing practical maintenance features in NeuroCheck is the possibility of adjusting a camera using previously defined reference images.

Service Pack 3 for NeuroCheck 5.1 For the definition of these reference images in manual mode, the images now can be exported to or loaded from a bitmap file. This is of great help, if the external hardware trigger signal for image acquisition is not present during the configuration of the reference images. It also allows convenient transfer of reference images to other check routines, or modification of the image using an external graphics program.

In addition, the dialog for adjusting a camera in automatic mode now is re-sizeable, i.e. its size can be altered with the mouse. This allows viewing larger images, e.g. when using a high resolution camera.

Service Pack 3 for NeuroCheck 5.1 Last not least, NeuroCheck now supports digital I/O boards from the international available ICP DAS P16R16 series, thus adding a further high-quality, industrial strength I/O board to its range of supported hardware. Up to eight digital inputs and outputs can be accessed in a single standard D-Sub connector, allowing the extension to up to 16 inputs and outputs with a second connector.