Service Pack 1 for NeuroCheck 6.0

The first service pack for our application software for industrial vision systems NeuroCheck 6.0 is now available.
The service pack contains several new features and improvements:

• Support for CameraLink(tm) Frame grabbers from the manufacturer Matrix-Vision: mvTitan-CL, mvGamma-CL as well as the complete PCI Express based fast mvHyperion series. mvHyperion Frame Grabber   • New "Measurement History" display in the automatic mode for the display of trend curves of measurements and feature values in the process view window.

Measurement History

• A new concept of image storage which enables the automatic saving of images separately for error images and pass images.

  • The execution speed of numerous image processing algorithms and the automatic mode performance has been significantly improved by careful optimization.

• Several further enhancements, improvements and corrections.      

We recommend that all NeuroCheck 6.0 users install Service Pack 1.

Name Version Date File size
NeuroCheck 6.0 Service Pack 1 6.0.38 5-27-2010 46 MB
Camera drivers for NCG, NCF, FWX digital cameras 6.0.38 5-27-2010 3 MB

Important Notes

The software updates contain new features, enhancements and bug-fixes. For details please contact our technical support.

The software updates are only updates of an existing installation, they are not a full installation.

Due to compatibility reasons, the new hardware drivers are not included in the Service-Pack, but are available as a separate download on this page. Please analyze with technical support if this could cause compatibility issues with the manufacturer drivers.


The service pack is an executable EXE-File.

  • Copy the file into an arbitrary directory on your NeuroCheck system.
  • You need Administrator rights to execute this update package.
  • Double-click the file to start the installation.
  • Please follow the instructions of the setup.