Service Pack 7 for NeuroCheck 5.1

The seventh service pack for NeuroCheck 5.1 introduces a number of new hardware and software features. On this page we will present the major new features, for details please refer to file History.txt, as usual.

Service Pack 7 for NeuroCheck 5.1
• The on-line help system of NeuroCheck has been revised thoroughly and changed to HTML help.

Using HTML technology, the help system now provides a better navigation along with a more appealing layout. Using the content tree or the search index on the left side, it now is much easier and faster to find the required information.

Service Pack 7 for NeuroCheck 5.1 • In manual mode, the documentation view now holds a new tab page which displays the parameters or target values of the currently selected check function. This "Parameter View" offers a quick glance at the parameter settings without having to open the parameter dialog. This is a real benefit when a parameter dialog cannot be accessed due to missing input data (e.g. no trigger signal present for image acquisition) or when the execution of the preceding check functions would require some time (e.g. for large line scan images).

The HTML table representation of the parameters - which is exactly the same as for the default XML export visualization - can be printed directly from the documentation view in NeuroCheck.

Service Pack 7 for NeuroCheck 5.1 • Another new feature in Service Pack 7 was introduced for the security profiles, which are only available for the Professional and Premium Edition, allow to individually restrict access to certain NeuroCheck functionality for each profile.

SP7 now introduces the possibility to switch security profiles upon an external signal, i.e. by input from field bus or digital I/O, which allows to control user access in NeuroCheck from the PLC. This requires that each security profile must be assigned a unique identification number, the profile ID.

Like for the automated change of check routines, you can specify a number of input bits in dialog Remote Control to read the profile ID. Waiting for a start signal in automatic mode, NeuroCheck then continuously checks for the profile ID number and automatically switches to the matching security profile. If there is no valid profile ID present, then the system switches to the default profile which has ID zero by definition. Without external switch, at start-up NeuroCheck will automatically select the default profile, independent of the security profile that previously was selected before closing the application.

Service Pack 7 for NeuroCheck 5.1 • Both the NeuroCheck main program and the driver DLL for the FireWire cameras of the Baumer FWX NeuroCheck have been optimized, especially with respect to the plug-and-play mechanism.

Please note that due to the changes a new Baumer optronic system driver Baumer1394.sys version or higher is required.

In order to avoid compatibility problems in existing applications, the service pack for download from the Internet does not contain the new driver DLL. You can order both NeuroCheck driver DLL and low-level drivers from

• A further new feature in SP7, mainly for advanced users, are the new options for check function Capture Image in Parallel. They allow to implement special image acquisition scenarios in multi-camera systems, typically to minimize the time required for image acquisition. For details, please refer to the on-line help system.

Name Version Date File size
NeuroCheck 5.1 Service Pack 7 5.1.1055 7-30-2004 7.1 MB

Only for use by current users of Version 5.1. If you would like to upgrade your system from version 5.0 or earlier please contact FSI Machine Vision.

Important Notes

The software updates contain new features, enhancements and bug-fixes. For details please refer to the list of new features in SP7.

The file format for check routines remains unchanged since SP6.

Due to the new features, the CHR file format changes in comparison to previous releases. Old check routine files can be loaded as usual, but check routines created with SP7 or higher cannot be read by previous NeuroCheck versions.

Due to the file size, the revised online help is not part of this Service-Pack, but is available as a separate download on our documentation page or by clicking here.

Installation of service pack
  • Copy the file into an arbitrary directory on your NeuroCheck system.
  • Double-click the service pack (self-extracting zip archive packed with WinZip Self-Extractor).
  • In the appearing dialog, configure the installation directory of the corresponding language version of NeuroCheck 5.1.
  • Click "Unzip" to overwrite the existing files of your NeuroCheck installation with newer versions.
  • At the end of the installation file History.txt will be opened to inform you in detail about the changes in this service pack.

Please note that a subsequent repair run of the original setup for NeuroCheck 5.1 will replace most of the updated files with their original versions, requiring a re-run of the service pack.