Service Pack 8 for NeuroCheck 5.0

• Coreco Imaging PCVision, PCDig, PCRgb frame grabber supported

• Opto22 PCI-AC5 and AC5 digital I/O boards supported.

• Functions "Capture Image Asynchronously", "Read Digital Input", and "Read Field Bus Input" can now be interrupted by pressing the ESC key.

• Function Template Matching now offers support for rotated templates, an additional output image with optionally original patterns, rotated patterns or differences between image and patterns, sub-pixel matching, wizard-assisted configuration, template overview and edge-based placement of correlation points.

• Function Capture Image Asynchronously can now initialize the frame grabber optionally in every check routine run. This enables parallel image capture from several frame grabbers, each with several cameras. Improved treatment of distorted and fuzzy codes and revised output of code image for function Identify DataMatrix Code.

• Meilhaus-ME8100 digital I/O board supported.

• The parameter set of "Identify DataMatrix Code" and "Identify Bar Code" now are accessible through OLE automation.

• Check function "Unroll ROIs" has been extended. It now can unroll circle ROIs calculated by "Compute Model Geometries".

• For the file output NeuroCheck now can write comments specified by the user during running automatic mode.

Name Version Date File size
NeuroCheck 5.0 Service Pack 8 5.0.3041 9-25-2002 5.6 MB

Only for use by current users of Version 5.0. If you would like to upgrade your system from version 4.x please contact FSI Machine Vision.

Important Notes

The software updates contain new features, enhancements and bug-fixes. For details please refer to the contents of file History.txt.

The CHR file format was kept unchanged in comparison to the previous service pack SP7.

Installation of service pack
  • Copy the file into an arbitrary directory on your NeuroCheck system.
  • Double-click the service pack (self-extracting zip archive packed with WinZip Self-Extractor).
  • Answer the request for confirmation with "A(ll)" to overwrite all existing files with newer versions.

Please note that a subsequent repair run of the original setup will replace most of the updated files with their original versions, requiring a re-run of the service pack.