Service Pack 1 for NeuroCheck 5.1

The first service pack for NeuroCheck 5.1 contains various smaller enhancements and bug-fixes, which are listed in detail in file History.txt. On this page, we would like to introduce some of the added new features to you:

Service Pack 1 for NeuroCheck 5.1 NeuroCheck now will remember the column widths configured for the output table of a check function and store them in the check routine file. Thus, you will not have to configure the widths each time after re-starting NeuroCheck. Adjusting the column widths in manual mode, the same settings will be used in the output windows on the automatic screen.

The address field in the software trouble report (Help > Feedback > Bug Report) now can be customized with your own address:

Please fill in and send to:

XYZ Ltd.
Hotline: 0800 - 1234567890

Simply add a new file called NC_STR_SIGNATURE.TXT to the NeuroCheck installation folder. If NeuroCheck detects such a file, it will use its contents for the address field.

Service Pack 1 for NeuroCheck 5.1 The global image tray, which serves to store images taken from camera for later evaluation, now also works with images taken from a color camera.

For the result output of an individual check, a digital output signal (digital I/O or field bus) now can be set not only for the result "OK" but also for the result "not OK".

Service Pack 1 for NeuroCheck 5.1 Resetting the check function visualization windows for a new inspection run, the logo to be displayed now can be customized. For instance, you could display a cross symbol to indicate that the window has not been updated yet.

Please note that the logo will only be displayed if it fits into the output window. Otherwise, the window will appear blank.

If you use command line option /DELAY:xxx to delay the start of NeuroCheck, then a splash window showing a progress bar will be displayed. Furthermore, the maximum delay time now can be up to 120 seconds.

If you open a check routine which uses check function Control Image Acquisition to load a camera setup file, and if this camera setup file is not present in the specified path, the missing reference will be reported just like a missing bitmap file in Transfer Image.

In the shown dialog, click Details to see the list of the missing references. Selecting one, you can directly assign a new file with Browse.

New feature for NeuroCheck Compact camera (MVCam3-PCCD): The possibility to use one of the digital outputs for strobe control has been introduced in the camera settings. This setting can be found on page "Shutter" of the camera properties because the same time period is used for the pulse width.

Service Pack 1 for NeuroCheck 5.1 New features for frame grabber MV-Titan G1: A new trigger type in the frame grabber settings allows to generate an internal trigger impulse. This so-called "software trigger" serves to display a live image or capture an image for a triggered application even if no external trigger signal is available at the moment (e.g. because the parts currently are not moving).

In addition, the configuration of the digital output pulses for camera and lighting/strobe control have been improved significantly.