Service Pack 4 for NeuroCheck 6.0

The fourth Service Pack for NeuroCheck 6.0 is now available. It contains a number of new features:

Six new check functions that previously existed as plug-in extensions for NeuroCheck 5.1 have now been ported directly into NeuroCheck 6.0. NeuroCheck 6.0 now provides their functionality, revised and enhanced, in the standard software. In particular, check function "Derive multiple regions of interest" creates a set of new regions to touch objects in the image.
Derive multiple regions of interest   • A new "Project Manager" tool for convenient management of several NeuroCheck machine vision projects.

Project Manager tool

• A new programming interface called "Automation Interface". OEM developers can use it to embed NeuroCheck's core functionality into their applications.

  • The range of hardware devices supported is extended to Meilhaus Electronic digital I/O boards.

• New "Smartphone" design for the Control Panel.
Smartphone   • Check function "Compute features" is now able to calculate color features.

Several further enhancements, improvements and corrections.      

We recommend that all NeuroCheck 6.0 users install Service Pack 4.

Name Type Version Date File size
NeuroCheck 6.0 Service Pack 4 Please also install the Data Format Converter update! EXE 6.0.61 10-19-2011 47 MB
Data Format Converters ZIP Misc. 10-21-2011 1.4 MB
Drivers for NCG, NCF and FWX digital cameras ZIP 6.0.48 10-21-2011 10 MB
Drivers for Matrix-Vision frame grabbers ZIP 6.0.38 10-21-2011 35 MB
Drivers for Hilscher CifX field bus ZIP 6.0.6 10-19-2011 46 MB
Drivers for Hilscher CIF field bus ZIP 6.0.33 10-21-2011 33 MB
Drivers for ICP-DAS digital-I/O ZIP 6.0.30 10-19-2011 1.4 MB
Drivers for Meilhaus digital-I/O ZIP 6.0.1 10-26-2011 32 MB
Drivers for TCP/IP over Ethernet ZIP 6.0.41 10-21-2011 0.6 MB
Drivers for serial port ZIP 6.0.40 10-21-2011 0.6 MB

Important Notes

The software updates contain new features, enhancements and bug-fixes. For details please contact our technical support.

The software updates are only updates of an existing installation, they are not a full installation.

Installation of service pack 4 requires an existing installation of at least service pack 3.

We recommend strongly to also install the Data Format Converter update (second item in the following list) if you install the service pack 4.

Due to compatibility reasons, the new hardware drivers are not included in the Service-Pack, but are available as a separate download on this page. Please analyze with technical support if this could cause compatibility issues with the manufacturer drivers.

Installation of service pack

The service pack is an executable EXE-File.

  • Copy the file into an arbitrary directory on your NeuroCheck system.
  • You need Administrator rights to execute this update package.
  • Double-click the file to start the installation.
  • Please follow the instructions of the setup.

Installation of driver updates

The update files for drivers and data format converters are ZIP files.

  • Copy the file into an arbitrary directory on your NeuroCheck system.
  • You need Administrator rights to execute this update package.
  • Unpack the ZIP file.
  • Please follow the instructions of the Readme file contained.