The CVS-700 family features extensive power and flexibility in factory-built standardized machine vision systems. Key attributes of the CVS-700 family are:

Powered by NeuroCheck, a world standard in Machine Vision software. NeuroCheck combines a complete set of the latest and highest-end machine vision tools (several which are unique to NeuroCheck) into a unified, standardized, user-friendly package. Full info on NeuroCheck is available in other publications.

Separated cameras for both single and multi-camera systems. All other functions are housed in the CVP (Central Vision Processor). While this does not have the one-piece simplicity of our other “smart-camera” type families, it offers a greater and more powerful range of hardware choices.

The complete unit / system is manufactured, tested and supported at FSI’s Lombard, Illinois factory. FSI has been a trusted manufacturer of factory automation products for over 50 years. For those who prefer, complete turnkey or implementation services are available from our network of machine vision Solution Providers.

Standard CVS-700’s offer millions of possible systems through a model code selection process. Standard systems include:

  • NeuroCheck Version (Professional, Run-Time or Premium).
  • Choice of Windows Operating systems.
  • Processor speed (1.4 Ghz - 3.2 Ghz).
  • Quantity of cameras (1-32 cameras).
  • Resolution of Cameras
    Area Scan: 640 x 480 through 5MP
    Line Scan: 1000 through 8000
  • Gray scale or Color Cameras.
  • Rolling or Global shutter cameras.
  • Area scan / line scan cameras.
  • Camera enclosures (NEMA 1 through NEMA 4X).
  • Imaging spectrum: visible light; near, medium and far Infrared; and x-ray.
  • Image capturing and processing options for multi-camera systems (simultaneous, sequential etc.)
  • Physical configuration CVP (central vision processor) Wall / base / rack mount.
  • Enclosure rating of CVP (Central Vision Processor). (NEMA 1 through NEMA 4X Stainless steel)
  • Discrete input type. DC, AC, low & high voltages.
  • Discrete input quantity (0-32 inputs)
  • Discrete output type DC, AC, low & high voltages.
  • Discrete output quantity (0-32 outputs).
  • Data port / interface types.
  • Optional built-in displays.
  • High Speed direct hardware trigger / asynchronous image acquisition option.
  • Ethernet and profibus ports in addition to standard Serial and parallel ports.

Custom CVS-700’s cover nearly every imaginable system if it is not available as a standard CVS-700.This includes features and specifications not included in standard units, and also accommodates build-to-description or build-to spec. type processing.

For additional information please download the CVS-700 Brochure.  

Additional written information is available in the CVS-700 Specifying and Ordering Guide which is available upon request by clicking here.