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Universal Machine Vision Trigger Sensor # RED-006

A machine vison trigger sensor is used to trigger the acquisition of an image when a moving part (such as a part on a conveyor) hits the proper position. This ideal machine vision trigger sensor has the following qualities:

  • Excellent spatial repeatability. The sensor trips at the same location each time. This is important to avoid inconsistent image position.
  • Fast and repeatable operating time. The sensor responds in less than ½ of 1/1000th of a second. This avoids speed dependency of the image position, and the repeatability provides a consistent image position.
  • Hose-down proof and dustproof enclosure (IP67) enables it to withstand tough environments and simplifies the selection process.
  • Object independent. Proper sensing does not depend on the object type (except that it not designed for transparent objects). This provides the highest reliability and removes the requirement of designing / selection for the intended object surface, or surface variations causing variations in the trip point.
  • Narrow beam. Besides bolstering the other specification, this removes the problem where complex profiles cause uncertainty and variability in the trip point.
  • Operating distance versatility. Robust operation at a wide range of distances provides high reliability and simplified selection.
Typical Configuration

The sensor is mounted on one side of a conveyor so that the beam will be broken by the objects to be detected. The supplied reflector is mounted on the other side of the conveyor. When the passing object breaks the beam, the object is detected. The output status follows the beam status.

Univeral Machine Vision Trigger Sensor Specification:
  • Sensor type: Beam break retro-reflective using supplied reflector
  • Operating range: 0 – 4 meters (plus a safety margin)
  • Beam width: 1 mm at 500 mm, 2 mm at 2 meters. (Class 1 laser)
  • Operating Range: 0 – 4 meters
  • Supply voltage: 10 – 30 VDC
  • Output voltage: Approximately the supply voltage.
  • Output type: Sourcing “PNP”
  • Output configuration: Complementary. Operates in both single-ended and differential modes.
  • Output current capability: 50 mA
  • Connection type: For use with the supplied 5 M cable which includes an M12 4 pin connector.
  • Operating temperature range: -10C - +50C
  • Current consumption: 30 mA + output load
  • Connections: +DC Supply, Common, Output, Inverted Output
Price: $456
  • 5 meter long cable with mating connector and labelled leads (included)
  • Approximately 1 ¾” x 1 ¾” reflector (included)
Installation Information:

Detailed installation information is shipped with the unit.