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FSI Machine Vision Lighting- X-Beam
Model Number Color Transform Width
XB-01-21 Red/Orange MV Narrow
XB-02-21 Red MV Narrow
XB-03-21 Warm White MV Narrow
XB-04-21 Daylight White MV Narrow
XB-01-11 Red/Orange None Narow
XB-01-12 Red/Orange None Wide
XB-02-11 Red None Narrow
XB-02-12 Red None Wide
XB-03-11 Warm White None Narrow
XB-03-12 Warm White None Wide
XB-04-11 Daylight White None Narrow
XB-04-12 Daylight White None Wide
XB-05-11 Cyan None Narrow
XB-05-12 Cyan None Wide
XB-06-11 Amber None Narrow
XB-06-12 Amber None Wide
XB-07-11 Blue None Narrow
XB-07-12 Blue None Wide
XB-08-11 Royal Blue None Narrow
XB-08-12 Royal Blue None Wide
XB-09-11 Green None Narrow
XB-09-12 Green None Wide
XB-01-32 Red/Orange Planar Wide
XB-02-32 Red Planar Wide