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NeuroCheck form FSI Machine Vision NeuroCheck from FSI Machine Vision

NeuroCheck is the universal machine vision solution for all areas of automatic visual inspection and robot guidance in industrial manufacturing. NeuroCheck features a full-spectrum of the highest end machine vision tools with the simplicity of a single, fully-integrated, user friendly graphic front end.

Windows Compatible PC Based Expandable
Flexible Scalable Production Tested
Interactive Integrated Powerful

FSI Technologies is the headquarters for NeuroCheck in North America. We offer NeuroCheck software as the engine for FSI built machine vision systems and as a separate software product.

NeuroCheck Concept   NeuroCheck Products

The NeuroCheck concept fulfills the simplest and most demanding machine vision applications with the most powerful, standardized, trustworthy, user friendly, and scalable software, which provides the benefits and cost savings of plant-wide standardization.



Run time, Professional or Premium



Includes a comprehensive, powerful set of machine vision tools, including many unique to this product.
Available in virtually unlimited hardware configurations.
A full set of practical, plant floor implementation and administrative tools to fill those often overlooked practical needs.
Extensive interconnectivity including full PC architecture ports and data objects.
Extensibility through plug-in support, and open system documentation.
Includes an additional set of administrative and interconnectivity tools inherent to its PC / Windows architecture.
Extensive data I/O architecture. From simple Pass/Fail discrete I/O to unit driven creation and over network transfer of spreadsheets and selectively saved image files.

CVS 700 System

APS Program

A solid partnership approach to a successful machine vision solution.


FSI offers comprehensive training on all aspects of machine vision and NeuroCheck software.


PC based architecture provides a common, scalable engine for plant wide standardization.
Machine vision tools are the same in all versions.
Scalability is provided without violating standardization.
Single product that spans hardware configurations and time.
Protects your investment from hardware driven obsolescence.


Engineering & Consultation

FSI can help with research & development, project management, machine vision specifications, etc.



The confidence, reliability and support that comes with a time tested world standard.
19 years of continuous evolution and deployment.
Thousands of industrial deployments, especially in the automotive, pharmaceutical, food and packaging industries.
Supported by FSI, a trusted manufacturer of factory automation products for over 50 years.



Applications & Case Studies


Training Videos

Service Packs


User Friendly

A unified product with a graphic, friendly user interface. Applications require configuring, not programming.
All functions fully integrated for automatic transfer of results between functions.
Fully integrated at a single user interface.
Graphic interface and dialog boxes for configuration of all tools and functions.


Free NeuroCheck demo disk


us to discuss your application further.



Same engine and tool set for everything from a simple 1 camera system through high power 32 camera systems, x-ray and line-scan CVS-700 systems.
Scalability variables do not affect engine or tool set.
Avoids obsolescence.
PC architecture rides the wave of PC technology evolution instead of becoming obsolete.
19 year proven record of evolution without causing obsolescence.
Hardware advances do not obsolete the software.
Familiar Windows user interface and administration (protects the learning curve investment).


NeuroCheck software is available in three different licensing versions:

  • Run Time- cost-effective duplication of a completely configured machine vision application.
  • Professional- Standard functionality for the typical machine vision user.
  • Premium- Using special editors and software interfaces, user-defined functions can be added to the system.

FSI also offers support, engineering, and training for NeuroCheck software and applications.

Download the complete NeuroCheck brochure