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FSI Machine Vision Lighting- Controller, Cables & Accerssories
Part Number Family Name Notes Price
LEDI-028050 Diffuser Option For LER-028050 Series $125
LEDI-050090 Diffuser Option For LER-050090 Series $158
LEDI-056056 Diffuser Option For LES-056056 Series $38
LEDI-070070 Diffuser Option For LES-070070 Series $38
LEPO-016061 Polarized Option For LEL-016061 Series $38
LEPO-016109 Polarized Option For LEL-016109 Series $50
LEPO-028109 Polarized Option For LEL-028109 Series $50
LEPO-016144 Polarized Option For LEL-016144 Series $100
LEPO-016257 Polarized Option For LEL-016257 Series $188
LEPO-010032 Polarized Option For LER-010032 Series $125
LEPO-028050 Polarized Option For LER-028050 Series $125
LEPO-050090 Polarized Option For LER-050090 Series $250
LEPO-056056 Polarized Option For LES-056056 Series $38
LEPO-070070 Polarized Option For LES-070070 Series $50
LEC-MB1 Mounting Bracket  Mounting Bracket Set for LEL Bar Lights $53
LEC-MT25 Lens Mount For LEO Coaxial Lights. 25mm lens adapter for LEO-031034 $188
LEC-MT27 Lens Mount For LEO Coaxial Lights. 27mm lens adapter for LEO-031034 $188
LEC-PS2 Controller Pwr Sply: 24V 28W 1ch continuous or overdrive strobe $400
LEC-PS1 Controller 24V DC power supply $125
LEC-PS3 Controller $271
LEC-EC1 Extension Cables Ext. Cable 24V, 1.5m, M12 to flying leads $25
LEC-EC3 Extension Cables Ext. Cable 24V, 3m, M12 to flying leads $29
LEC-EC5 Extension Cables Ext. Cable 24V, 5m, M12 to flying leads $33
LEC-ADP Adapter M12 to JST. Adaptor Cable, M12 connector to SM 3pin. For use when connecting GL lights to 24V power supplies. $46
LEDI-016061 Diffuser Option For LEL-016061 Series $15
LEDI-016109 Diffuser Option For LEL-016109 Series $21
LEDI-028109 Diffuser Option For LEL-028109 Series $25
LEDI-016144 Diffuser Option For LEL-016144 Series $21
LEDI-028144 Diffuser Option For LEL-028144 Series $33
LEDI-016257 Diffuser Option For LEL-016257 Series $38
LEDI-010032 Diffuser Option ForLER-010032 Series $125