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Machine Vision from FSI for Inspection, Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Machine vision is used in manufacturing processes for automatic inspection, quality control and quality assurance purposes. The vision camera can detect structural or other flaws, missing parts, defective or deformed pieces and other variances. FSI Machine Vision can help you meet rising quality standards while reducing costs.

FSI Machine Vision is in use in numerous industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics, manufacturing, robot guidance, lean manufacturing, as well as research and development.

Using machine vision for inspection requires a broad range of disciplines including industrial control automation, communications, physics, optics, gauging, and measurement mathematics. FSI has the engineering expertise and experience in all of these areas and can engineer machine vision solutions that will work for you.

"Helping you is our vision" tm. Please contact us at 800-468-6009 to discuss your application. Initial consultations are complementary. To help us better understand your application; please fill out the Pre-Engineering form.

Solutions & Services   Hardware & Software Products
Solutions and Services Hardware & Software Products
At FSI, we offer more than products!
The building blocks of your solution are important. Some of these products are also available for separate purchase.
  • NeuroCheck Machine Vision Software. The NeuroCheck Concept enables plant-wide standardization, reduces ownership costs, and provides long-term protection of your investment.

  • EVT Machine Vision Software. EyeVision is considered leading edge of machine vision software, featuring the latest machine vision tools, including 3D imaging technologies.

  • 3D Sensor. The GS Family of 3D imaging sensors provides support to a whole new range of robot control and inspection applications.

  • CVS -700/800 Systems. The GS Family of 3D imaging sensors provides support to a whole new range of robot control and inspection applications.

  • Smart Cameras. EyeSpector Smart Camera combines powerful hardware integrated with EyeVision machine vision software.

  • Lighting, Lenses & Cameras. . FSI uses high quality machine vision components including machine vision lighting, lenses, optical filters, and cameras, all selected for their suitability to your application.

Automated Inspection for Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Turn your factory into a more productive, cost-efficient manufacturing facility.

Advantages to FSI Machine Vision for Inspection:

  • Reduces costs.
  • Improves Product Quality Control/Quality Assurance
  • Improves productivity.
  • Shorten cycle time
  • Inspects products more closely and at a faster rate.
  • Reduces product handling time.
  • Reduces manual tasks that are strenuous, monotonous, dangerous, and/or beyond human capability (size, weight, speed).