Automation Technology 3D Sensors and Cameras from FSI Machine Vision
Automation Technology 3D Sensors and Cameras from FSI Machine Vision

FSI Technologies Inc. now offers high speed 3D imaging sensors, cameras, and systems from Automation Technology GmbH. Automation Technology’s series of 3D components and all-in-one systems for machine vision applications provide rapid high resolution and high accuracy three-dimensional measurements that are based on the latest laser-scanning triangulation process.

At the heart of the product range are the C series of high-speed 3D cameras. By offering these products, FSI will enable our customers to perform industrial machine vision inspection tasks with greater accuracy and efficiency at lower costs. Thanks to the intelligent way the camera processes the image data, we can obtain rates of measurement not previously attained. This new technology enables accomplishment of applications that are impossible or too difficult using other standard approaches. Typical uses include inspection, measurement/gauging, and grading applications.

AT products are available from FSI Machine Vision for separate purchase, or as part of a complete machine vision system. FSI’s vision engineers can provide engineering support, consultation, and training. Call FSI today to see how these new 3D products from Automation Technology can be used in your machine vision inspection applications.

3D CamerasAT’s C-Series 3D cameras from FSI Machine Vision

AT’s C-Series 3D cameras make it possible to attain top profile-measurement speeds at maximum measurement resolution. By using standard interfaces (CameraLink, GigE Vision), it is possible to integrate this technology into new and existing systems efficiently. Because the image data are processed internally, only the data relevant to the application - such as profile height readings and intensity values - are determined and sent via the interface to a further image-processing system. This enormous reduction in data allows measurement speeds on a scale not previously attained, while placing the smallest of loads on the downstream image-processing system.

The AT product line of cameras for 3D machine vision imaging offers a host of models displaying different characteristics, as well as compatible accessories. Click on the camera models below for more information:

• C5-4090-GigE • C4-4090-GigE • C2-2040HS-GigE
• C5-3360-GigE • C4-2350-GigE • C2-2040-GigE
  • C4-2040-GigE • C2-640-GigE
  • C4-1280-GigE  
Complete Systems/Compact Sensor: C5-CS Series 3D Cameras, AT's Complete systems from FSI Machine Vision

The C5-CS Series include 3D sensors with an integrated laser line generator, use enhanced 3D imaging technology with resolutions up to 4096 points/profiles. These all-in-one systems are available for many industrial machine vision inspection applications.

C5-CS systems scan objects by means of the laser triangulation method; a projected laser line migrates along the surface of the object. By scanning the laser line, the 3D profile of the object is captured in the sensor image.

The C5-CS generates the 3D scan data by internally processing the line images using different evaluation algorithms. Using state-of-the-art FPGA technology, the C5 sensors can operate at profile speeds of up to 25 KHz, independent of the chosen algorithm.

C5 compact sensors are available with resolutions starting from 648 points per profile up to a 4K Ultra-HD version with 4096 points per profile. The C5-CS models enable measurement ranges of up to 1060mm (width) and 800mm (height). Larger widths and heights are available with other configurations.

A special effort was made to enhance the industrial capabilities of the enclosures. This is why the C5-CS series has a ruggedized design with protection class IP67. To assure a reliable power supply and data transfer, all cable connections are equipped with M12 tensile and tear resistant connectors.

All other characteristics of the C series have been included; C5 compact sensors feature a Gigabit Ethernet interface and comply with the GigE-Vision standard. In combination with the GenICam standard, the configuration of the new 3D sensors is easily done by Plug’n’Play.

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• C4 Series • Scheimpflug adapter • Mountings