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FSI Advanced Research - for the next level of machine vision applications:

AR Thermography ApplicationsFSI Advanced Research Inc. is the newly formed research arm of FSI Technologies Inc. FSI engineers have been creating and supporting machine vision solutions for demanding industrial applications for over 15 years, serving the automotive and numerous other industries.

The FSI Advanced Research team focuses on the next generation of machine vision tools, including 3D and multispectral imaging and deep learning algorithms. Utilizing these and other emerging technologies, FSI Advanced Research can solve machine vision applications that before now, were considered too difficult or impossible to solve with traditional methods. These technologies will be especially useful in automotive and advanced materials applications.

Effective Machine Vision combines an unusually broad range of disciplines; substantial elements of physics, optics, the interaction of light with surfaces, gauging and measurement mathematics, creative use of digital hardware and software, and expertise with the various types of specialized hardware for acquiring and handling images.

FSI Advanced Research - for the next level of machine 
						vision applications

Some of the technologies and capabilities that FSI Advanced Research will be developing include:

  • 3D imaging sensors.
  • Multispectral imaging
  • IR Thermography Applications
  • Machine Vision software using deep learning
  • Custom software development
  • Knowledge and expertise to customize a solution using these tools.

AR Thermography ApplicationsFSI Advanced Research will soon be offering selected Machine Vision training classes in the Greenville area. Please call for more information, dates and prices. Complete class information, and the schedule for our Chicago classes can be found on the FSI Training page.


FSI Advanced Research is proud to be a CU-ICAR Campus Partner. Our office is located in the Center for Emerging Technologies, in Greenville, SC. For more information about Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research, see

AR Thermography ApplicationsFSI Technologies Inc. is headquartered in Lombard (Chicago) Illinois, and has been an engineering oriented manufacturer of automation products and industrial electronics since 1959. FSI manufactures a full line of rotary optical encoders and photo-electric sensors for use in industrial applications. FSI Machine Vision provides complete machine vision automatic inspection systems, consulting, training, and components.

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